Hi there!

I'm Joe. I like solving problems and making things better.

Currently, I'm building digital services in Indonesia through an Ausaid program based in Jakarta. I believe that governments serve their citizens best when they make data-driven decisions and focus on the user experience.

My interests are innumerable, but I've got two primary side projects at the moment:

  • Building Reminate, a dream journal app that uses artifical intelligence to privately reveal personal dream patterns, and publicly identify global dream trends from the collective subconsciousness. Private beta launches in March 2016 - sign up to be notified!
  • Prototyping a solar-powered Raspberry Pi that brings free education content from Wikipedia or Khan Academy to poor but smartphone-equipped households without electricity or internet. Even in places with no cell service, Pi's can work as mesh nodes to enable neighborhood voice communications and networked collaboration.

Here are some quotes that I like, links that you might find useful, and more about me.